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    How Pop Culture Comfort Foods Improve Your Storytelling

    I’m perpetually in the middle of re-watching 30 Rock. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than sinking into a bubble bath with Howl’s Moving Castle, which I’ve read approximately twenty times. And as much as I love to explore new stories and challenge myself…

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    Be a Better Critique Partner

    Getting good feedback on your writing is hard. That’s because giving good feedback is hard. In your quest to find a good critique partner, it’s important that you’re able to reciprocate. Giving a good critique is more complex than telling a writer…

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    Screw “Show, Don’t Tell”

    “Show, don’t tell” is the first creative writing advice most people receive. On the surface, it seems sensible. For someone putting pen to paper for the very first time, the instinct is to tell — “First this happened, then this other thing,…